Full Contact Combat and Battle of the Nations - Poland 2012

Kit Houston, who is involved in the Full Contact Combat movement in Australia, offers information on the sport, and hopes to contact others in the country who might be interested.

Kit Houston writes:

Dear all,

My name is Kit Houston and over the last 24 months I have established, pushed and was part of running the first (insured) full contact medieval tournament in Australia hosted at the Abbey Medieval festival 2011. This e-mail is to let people know about the Full Contact Combat movement, with in, 'the movement' just in case you know someone interested.

I understand this is not for everyone, but due to the recent spike in interest I know there are people out there that are looking for something else and this could be it. This is now established; it's insured, has rules and has been tested. We have a few events lined up across the east coast and we hope to get a team together for Battle of the Nation's 2012 in Poland.

If you know anyone that's interested in competing and traveling to Europe to fight on an Australian team please pass on my contact information admin@historicevents.com.au

What does Full speed and contact mean?

Using weapons, most parts of the body and wrestling in a full force / full speed way so you can earn victory via counted blows, or submission, or thrown to the ground or driving from the list.

While we have a rule set the basic rules are, 1) Historical Armour, 2) No thrusting to face, groin, spine\back of the neck 3) You will be removed from the field for being a dick!

Imagine an 'Armoured UFC' with professional armoured fighters that display their skill in almost unrestricted combat. No BS just the skill's, weapons and wrestling doing the talking.

All the rules and information can be found online.

Videos of the fights from the first event are available on YouTube. (See below)

Battle of the Nations

This started a few years ago (maybe 2) and is now a worldwide event. Last year 9 countries including Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, etc., spent 4 days, fighting each other in full contact battles. With the goal of Yielding, knock to the ground or disqualification they eliminated each other until a winner was declared, Russia! Next year we hope to submit an Australian team to BON Battle of the Nations and compete with some of the best in the world.

A video of BON is available on YouTube.

More information is available on the BON Team Australia Facebook page.

If you know anyone interested please get them in contact with me admin@historicevents.com.au or http://www.facebook.com/Kit.houston on Facebook as I have a lot of information there.

Thanks for reading

Kit Houston