[OUT] Fighter practice in Plattefordham

The Shire of Plattefordham would like to invite one and all to our Northern Outlands, Middle of Nowhere, Defenders of the Northern Boarders, Armpit of Insanity, indoor fighter practice on November 19, 2011!!! 

We will be having guest heavy fighters doing workshops on multiple topics, and general time afterwords to cacth Sir so-and-so and work on that one thing.... If there are any Light fighters willing to come up and teach, they would be most welcome!
At the whim of any willing to teach, we have room and tables/chairs for classes as well if anything strikes your fancy.
Any and all fighters, and non-fighter are encouraged to join us for a day of fun, fighting, and classes.
We will be having guests (invaders) from our northern neighbors, the Shire of Bronzehelm in Artemesia!   Help us show them what we Outlanders can do!!
Wraping things up we will be having a pot luck dinner in the evening.
It all starts at 10:00am  Saturday the 19th, 2011
Questions, or if you would like to teach something,
THL Balthazar von Knopf