[LOC] Christchurch Heavy Combat Training Weekend

The Greater Moralez Beaumont Assimilation Project are proud to present A Heavy Combat Training Weekend with Duke Gabriel de Beaumont and Count Berengar of Nancy.

Kindly hosted by Sir Sigurds School of Hard Knocks in West Melton Christchurch, this is a two day event taking place over the 12th and 13th of November, 2011.

This event is open to all interested in SCA heavy combat of any skill level and will largely be conducted "in armour" at "full speed".

Subjects to be covered include;

  •     Stance,
  •     Footwork,
  •     Defense,
  •     Attack
  •     Shield Hooks and presses,
  •     Feints and Deceit,
  •     Power,
  •     Knees - when you or your opponent are legged,
  •     Killing Polearms,
  •     Training Ethic

Training is anticipated to run from 10am until early eveningon the Saturday and from 10am until early afternoon on Sunday.
Weather permitting there will be a BBQ at the conclusion of training on the Saturday.

This is a great chance to learn from a couple of the more prominent Knights from mainland Lochac.

If you intend to attend please drop me an e-mail and I'll advise the address and answer any other questions you may have.
Please note;

  •     you do not need to be authorised in heavy combat to take part,
  •     we have some loner armour that may be available,
  •     this is not a garbed event (unless you count armour as garb) (think of it as a very long fighters practice,
  •     although this is a 2 day event it is not a camping event.

You'll notice up to now there has been no mention of costs. That's because the two trainers have volunteered to visit off their own back and Sir Sigurd has offered to host the event at his home. There will, however, be a certain amout of hat passing to fund the BBQ and associated refreshments.

For those of you requiring rattan I now have a small supply of 30-35mm diameter rattan available at $10 per single handed sword length (aprox 0.90m - 1.00m)
For those of you requiring plastic basket hilts or rubber thrusting tips as sold by Duke Gabriel at
http://armouredbadger.griffin-dor.org/, he will have a small supply available.