[MID] Twelfth Night

Join us for Pentamere 12th Night (hosted this year by the Canton of Ealdnordwuda, in the Barony of Northwoods, Region of Pentamere)

Site Information
Member: $7
Non-memeber: + $5
Children 6-12 : $3.50
Kids 5 and under are free.
Feast: $10

Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church
549 E Mount Hope Ave
Lansing, MI 48910-9194

Site is dry
Service animals are welcome, but we regret we cannot accommodate family pets.

If you have questions regarding activities, please contact the Staff!
Event Stewards: Lady Winebarga / Lady Jorun Aragunnrsdottir
Merchant Coordinator: Lady Winebarga
A&S and Class Coordinator : Jahan Ara amat al-Hafeeza al-Sayyidaefendi (THL)
Youth Activites Coordinator: THLady Anthoinette Martel
Royalty Liasons: Baron Odo de Eu and Baronessa Dulcinea Maria Magdalena von Muhlberg y Aguilar    
Feast Steward: Lady Angharad verch Glyndwr O Llangollen
Feast Hall Steward:       Jahan Ara amat al-Hafeeza al-Sayyidaefendi (THL)
Webminister: Jahan Ara amat al-Hafeeza al-Sayyidaefendi (THL)

Schedule of Events
9 a.m     Gate Opens
10 a.m     Classes Start
      Bards & Minstrels - Check In
      Youth Activities Begin
      Boffer Activites Open until 3:30pm
      A&S Bean Count Display Open until 3:30p.m.
11:30 a.m.     Lunch Tavern Open until 3pm
4 p.m     Court, at Their Majesties Pleasure
6 p.m.     Feast (or 1/2 hour after Court
8:30 p.m.     Dancing Begins and goes until 10pm
10 p.m.     Site Closes to non-Event Staff