[AET] Facshing

Come join the barony of Endless Hills for a day of fighting, games, songs and theater. We will be having a tourney to determine our new baronial Rapier champion. All members of the barony are invited to bring their blades and compete.

We are also having a ladies choice tourney for both rattan and rapier combatants; please see details bellow. Lady Fiona and Lady Maggie will be hosting a bardic competition and ask you to bring your best humorous and/or filk piece. There will be a prize for the winner and they will perform during feast. For the A&S crowd the days' competition will be best heraldic display on a baked good. Please note any baked goods that are not edible need to be marked. A feast is being prepared by the skilled hands of Sir Murdoch Bayne.

November 12 2011
Site opens 8:00am Site closes at 9:00pm

Autocrats: Khristian Pykh and Marinka Korch' marev

Site fee $10.00 for adults, $8.00 for kids, Family cap $30.00, Feast $9.00 for adults, $5.00 for children.

Pre-registrationis encouraged please contact THL Maria Pienkneplotno at linda at classactfabrics dot com

We also have children'sactivities planned. For details please contact our youth minister, Lady Dawn de la Lune at dawndellalune at hotmail dot com.

Details for ladies choice tourney: All combatants will report to the MOL to verify waiver and sign in. They will then purchase roses. The tourney will be scored by these roses and they will cost .25 cents a piece or five for a dollar. No roses may be purchased after the end of the first fights. Funds will go to support martialed activities in the barony. This will be a three round tourney and will be fought by both Rattan and Rapier combatants, fighting in opposing rounds and using a round robinformat. For details on the rounds please contact your autocrat, and details will be emailed to you. There will be a prize chest for the winner of the tourney with prizes to benefit the winner of the tourney and his/her consort.


From interstate 81, take exit 170B onto PA 309N/N. Cross Valley Expressway towards Wilkes-Barre. Take exit 3 toward Plains. Turn Right onto S. River St. (middle lane at light). Continue on River St. until you reach Tony's Pizza on the corner of Welch St. and River. Turn Right onto Welch St. and make the next Right onto 2nd St. The Hose Co. is on the left.

**Do not use Google Maps for directions as they will land you on the other side of the river a mile away.