Estrella Acceps is Open

The Estrella War XXVIII Pre-Reg Staff has announced that Pre-Registration for Estrella War XXVIII is now available through ACCEPS.

Greetings unto the Known World!!!

It is with mirth and merriment that these words are delivered to you!!!

Pre-Registration for Estrella War XXVIII is now available for all who would bring the dream alive to one of the largest SCA events!

For your convenience, Estrella War and the Kingdom of Atenveldt are pleased to offer On-Line registration and payment through ACCEPS!!!

To register online for Estrella War XXVIII, please visit the website below.

If you prefer to pre-register by a more traditional missive, mail in forms can be obtained through the Estrella War XXVIII website.

Seeking a more personal pre-registration experience!? Pre-Registration tables for Estrella War XXVIII will be conveniently accessible at announced events in the months to come. The next available opportunity to pre-reg in person will be at Schnepf Farm for the weekend of Baronial Champions/Defenders Tournaments on October 22nd.  The pre-reg table will be located under the Twin Moons Pavilion Saturday, October 22nd by noon.

The EW XXVIII Pre-Reg staff looks forward to receiving the submission of your choice!!!  Pre-Reg is easier than ever with so many great ways to reserve your spot at one of the greatest events of The Known World!!!

See you at War!!!

Thank you,
EW XXVIII Pre-Reg Staff