[EAS] Musicians' Day

The Crown Province of Østgarðr invites Both All And Some to a day of classes on all aspects of medieval and Renaissance polyphonic music. Bring your voice, your recorders, shawms, dulcians, cornetti, and sackbuts (or trombones pretending to be sackbuts), your viols, vielles, violins, and rebecs, your harps, citoles, lutes, gitterns, and psalteries, ... you get the idea.

The site, Blue Mountain Trail Lodge, has room to sleep about thirty people, so we plan to start classes after breakfast Saturday morning, with probably some pickup jam sessions well into the evening, since bed is only a few yards away. After Sunday breakfast, there may be time for another jam session before bidding farewell to musical friends old and new and heading home.

Blue Mountain Trail Lodge
435 Welcher Ave.
Peekskill, NY 10566

Public Transportation:
The site is about half a mile from the Peekskill station on Metro-North; it's typically about an hour's ride from Grand Central, and trains leave about every hour (every half hour during weekday rush hours). If you plan to take public transit, contact the event staff at least a few days in advance and we'll try to arrange a pick-up.

Cost and Reservations

    $15 day-trippers, not eating Saturday dinner
    $25 day-trippers, eating Saturday dinner
    $25 staying on-site Friday and/or Saturday night, not eating Saturday dinner
    $35 staying on-site Friday and/or Saturday night and eating Saturday dinner (both breakfasts are included)
    Add $5 for non-SCA members (as mandated by Corporate and Kingdom policy)
    Add $5 if registering after Nov. 11 (in the interest of the cooks' and event stewards' mental health)

Send reservations to
William Bornander
wrborn at yahoo dot com


Event Stewards: Rufina Cambrensis and John Elys
Chef: Alexandre d'Avigne
Gate: Wilhelm of Northpass


The site has two dorm rooms, each containing 15 single bunk beds. (One room will probably be labeled "early quiet hours".) Each bed has a minimal mattress, a wool blanket, and a minimal pillow. You'll certainly want to bring your own pajamas, sheet, and pillowcase, probably your own pillow, and probably your own blanket or sleeping bag. Some people in the past have tipped the beds on their sides and put an air mattress on the floor between them.

Each of the two bathrooms has two shower stalls; bring your own washcloth, towel, soap, shampoo, etc.

For people who prefer to stay off-site, there's not much in Peekskill, but there's a cluster of mainstream hotels in Fishkill, ten miles north on US 9 where it meets Interstate 84. There are also some bed-and-breakfasts and high-end hotels sprinkled around within a few-mile radius; we don't know enough about them to make recommendations.