Shakespeare film sure to spark controversy

Anonymous, the new film by director Roland Emmerich which proposes that the plays of William Shakespeare were actually written by someone else, is causing controversy even before the film hits theater screens. James Shapiro offers his opinion in an op-ed for the New York Times.

It's the Stratfordians vs. the Oxfordians who are already forming up for the battle before the October 29, 2011 release of Anonymous.

In his op-ed, Shapiro writes:

But promoters of de Vere’s cause have a lot of evidence to explain away, including testimony of contemporary writers, court records and much else that confirms that Shakespeare wrote the works attributed to him. Meanwhile, not a shred of documentary evidence has ever been found that connects de Vere to any of the plays or poems.

The debate continues...

Evidence that Shakespeare did not write Shakespeare

As historians I am certain SCA members will be interested in both sides of the idea that Shakespeare did not write the works commonly attributed to him. For information regarding these doubts (held by many experts) I would humbly recommend the following: