[WES] Cynagua-Mists War

His Highness of Cynagua, Prince Achilles, and His Highness of the Mists, Prince Miles, agree to disagree, which means WAR at the Yolo County Fairgrounds, in Woodland, CA, November 11, 12, and 13, 2011.

Prince Achilles has asked that this be an "Alden style war",  and there will be as many battles fought as possible in the time allotted, with a warm up ressurection battle.

Battle scenarios include:

  • Open Field
  • Bridge
  • Ridout
  • Broken Field
  • Then a meatgrinder at the end to make sure everyone really has enough fighting.  There will be combat archery included.

Her Highness of the Mists, Princess Francesca would like to remind the Mists fighters that She will be looking for the best heraldic display in fighting units.
For non-combatants, there are activities avaliable! Besides waterbearing, and pickle/fruit serving, there will be a siege cooking contest. Please sign up for this with the autocrat no later than October 20, so that there are enough ingredients for all contestants. Chicken, in some form, turnips, carrots, apples, and cinnamon will be provided. Each contestant, or group of contestants, can provide no more than 5 ingredients of their own. The participants can pick up their ingredients just after morning Court on Saturday. Dishes are due at the designated place at 4 pm. There will be a "Best of the Best" A&S competition, as well. Bring your best work of the year, no documentation necessary, so that others may enjoy and be challenged by what you have done! There will also be Page School acitvities.
Site Information:
Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland. Please remember that if it is raining,  we cannot drive on the grass to unload/load. Site will open at noon on Friday, November 11, and close at 1 pm Sunday, November 13.

Site Fees:
Site fee is $12 for adults and children 13 and up, $6 for 12 and younger, $17 for non-members.

Muirenn ingen Brain, email: autocrat_war@cynagua.westkingdom.org

From the North: Take I-5 South to Woodland Exit East St./Downtown Woodland (Hwy 113 N. Yuba City) and turn left at the light onto East St. Proceed to the 4th light, turn left onto Gum Ave.,then turn right at the large blue and white sign for the Yolo County Fair. From the South and East: Take I-5 to Woodland, Exist Main St/Downtown Woodland; turn left at the light onto Main St,** proceed to the 4th light and turn left onto East (if you cross the RR tracks, you've gone too far), proceed on East to Gum Ave (the next light); turn left;  turn right at the large blue and white sign for the Yolo County Fair. From the West (Bay Area): Take I-80  East to Davis; Exist Hwy 113 N Yuba City. Proceed about 7 miles, then exit Main St./Downtown Woodland, turn left at the light onto Main; follow from **.