[LOC] St Catherine's Picnic

All are welcome!

Vanessa's horse paddocks. The driveway beside the power station directly before 221 Hepburn Road.
Hepburn Rd, Glendene
New Zealand

10th of December 2011 from 1pm till late.

This is an informal in garb event.

In the afternoon there will be riding for those who would like to ride, room for heavy fighting and fencing in the arena, space for archery should anyone desire to set up the butts, arts and music.

There will also be some silly, fun childerns gmaes that everyone is welcome to join in and play.

This is a free event, and also potluck.  So make a tasty medieval dish that you would be happy to share. 

This event is for Saturday only, but Vanessa is willing to let people camp overnight, should that be convenient.


    * Long-drop toilet
    * Fire pit (with some minimal seating)
    * Room for archery, riding, fighting, camping, etc.
    * Water (i.e. there is a tap). Note - no electricity

Steward - Anna de Wilde

Bring a seat or blanket, something to eat and drink (already made, or ready to cook on the fire), and something to do.

Note: we expect this to be a casual event, perfect for families with children. However, parents will need to supervise their children even more carefully than usual, as there will be horses and other animals on the site, and the site backs onto unfenced estuary. 

Wet weather plan: if the weather is foul the event will be cancelled. The Steward will announce his decision on the Ildhafn and Cluain mailing lists by 9am. If it's raining hard as you drive to the event, consider turning around.