Ancient Inedible Temple Discovered

Peephenge, an ancient temple made of an inedible material, has been discovered by archaeoculinologists. Peephenge. Even its name conjures images too terrible to contemplate. Its location is shrouded in mystery, perhaps to protect it from the curious, or at least the ravenous beasts, but photos of the ancient moment have surfaced leaving researchers mystified. "Who could have built it -- and why?"

Debate rages in the hallowed halls of Academia. Was it always inedible, or was it altered by a later civilization to make it so? How did people over two thousand years ago manage to transport and shape a substance as hard as titanium and yet as toxic as modern industrial waste? Some radicals speculate that they may have had help from extraterrestrials, or even that the raw materials are not of terran origin.

We may never fully understand the deepest secrets of Peephenge, a mystery whose answers are probably lost forever in the mists of time.