[LOC] Ursulan Birthday Feast

Just a reminder that the College of St Ursula will be having a Greek themed Feast and that you should all come. There will be food, music, dancing and there will also be a tournament.

Tournament Details:
When: 12th November 2011. Inspections from 1pm, Tournament from 2pm
Where: St Peters Public School Oval, Church Street, St Peters (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
Cost: $2.00 to cover site costs
Contact Theodulf for more information.

Feast Details:
When: 12th November 2011 from 6pm
Where: St Peters Public School, Church Street, St Peters (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Access + SCA Member: $15.00
Access or SCA Member: $20.00
No membership at all: $25.00

Bookings can be made by emailing Lady Mevanwy (rand8120@uni.sydney.edu.au) or by talking to Yorick of St Ursula at Rowany Fighter Practice (for the locals). Bookings will not be confirmed unless we have payments. Bookings will be taken until the 6th of November, or when bookings reach 70. Book early to avoid missing out.