Own a castle in California

Once a brewery, now a home, Albion Castle in Hunter's Point, San Francisco, California, complete with underground underwater cavern, is for sale for US$975,000. (photos)

“It’s an interesting property to sell,” real estate agent Debbie Herzfeld said.

The three-story, Norman castle-style stone tower was built in the 19th century by London brewer John Burnell and opened as Albion Porter & Ale Brewery. It was closed during Prohibition. The house includes a toilet "which plays Le Bon Roi Dagobert when the seat is lifted."

Speaking as a local: it's a

Speaking as a local: it's a cute place with a lot of history (including being the site of a brewery, speakeasy, and briefly a pagan temple), but the area itself is frightening and crime ridden. Also, the place is in serious legal trouble including issues with zoning, code violations, and dispute over whether the on-site natural spring (previously used as a water source by the aforesaid brewery) actually belongs to the property owner or if the San Francsico Water District is allowed to sieze it.  All of this is in the declarations documentation if you look for it - but they won't tell you that in the blog post.

All that said, I really hope someone who appreciates the history of the place ends up with it. San Francisco, and the poorer neighborhood in particular, is losing its landmark buildings at an alarming rate.  (And they're mostly being built up as condos and lofts.  Sigh.)