Savaric and Julianna new Midrealm Heirs

At the Crown Tournament of Their Majesties EikBrandr and Runa of the Middle Kingdom, Captain Savaric de Pardieu, inspired by Baroness Julianna de Pardieu, defeated Sir Ixtilixochitl Cacique, fighting for Maestra Margherita Alessia, in the final round.

According to Elizabeth, reporting from the Kingdom of Ealdormere, Sir Ix was declared winner of the third bout fought between himself and Captain Savaric, but called back the winning blow, declaring it light. The bout was refought with Savaric victorious.

Congratulations to the new Tanist and Tanista, and a bow to the courtesy of Sir Ix.

Crown Tourney

Congratulations Prince Savaric and Princess Julianna.  I always knew you would go far. 

And a bow to the chivalry to both Savaric and Sir Ix for fighting honorably.  Not only did Sir Ix declare the blow light, but Savaric took the questionable blow, showing honor on both sides.

Long live the Dragon!


Aelred Wulfweard