[MER] Tales of Sherwood

October 14-16 the Shire of Loch Cairn will be hosting the 2nd annual "Tales of Sherwood"! Come join us at Mont Milner in Sewanee, Tennessee for a weekend of fighting, feasting and fun.

There will be 2 heavy tourneys and 2 rapier tourneys in the morning. The victors will receive very cool prizes. In the afternoon there will be melees led by the winners of the tourneys. Will you be on the Sheriff's side or will you be one of Robin's Merry Men??

There will also be an archery contest. The winner will receive a very nice prize!

There are several classes to attend. Something for everyone!!! Come learn a new skill!

There will also be a regional A&S Competition. Kingdom rules will apply. The winner will receive a very cool prize!! Come bring your pretties and get valuable feedback in time for Magna Faire and
the A&S season!

THLAislinge MacCuithein has prepared a Spanish inspired feast and it promises to be magnificent!

THLAislinge MacCuithein
A&S Officer,, Shire of Loch Cairn
Head Cook, Tales of Sherwood