[ATE] Southern Crusades XIII

The southern baronies invite you to join them as they welcome Jean Bart, Stede Bonnet, Samuel Burgess and other great privateers in their revelry at Corsairs & Corsets, Southern Crusades XIII, taking place at Winkelman Flats Park in Winkelman, AZ.

As usual, whether you are a fighter, a bard, an archer, a cook, an artisan, a youth, a child, a dancer, a drummer, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker…Southern Crusades will have a little bit of something for everyone to do. There will also be a newcomer’s encampment open to anyone who is interested.

Site fees are the same as last year! Check out detailed site fee information on the registration page. Pre-registration ends November 1st.

So we invite you to join us at Winkelman Flats Park in beautiful Winkelman, AZ.

Co-Main Event Stewards:
Mistress Tyroch of Marwoode, called Tigra
Master Mederic de Chatellerault

Site Steward:
Lord Martin de Gras

The following activities are happening at Southern Crusades XIII:

  •     Archery
  •     Arts and Sciences Collegium and Demonstrations
  •     Bard of the Sun
  •     Bardic Competition
  •     Chirugeon
  •     Combat Cookery Competition
  •     Drum and Dance
  •     Equestrian
  •     Field Support
  •     Hospitality
  •     Merchants Row
  •     Press and Media
  •     Royal Liaison
  •     The Watch
  •     Thrown Weapons
  •     Volunteer Point
  •     Youth Corner