Talmere Tourney

We just wanted to take a moment to invite you all to a Talmere party! This is not an event, though there will be fighting and gaming and crafting, oh my!

There will be heavy fighting, rapier fighting, games (including this sheep game that last year made us all laugh until we were in fits), and crafting. Bring your chairs and come out for the day!

It will be in Douglasville, GA at the home of Her Ladyship Catherine. Catherine wishes me to ensure that all know she welcomes all to her home for a day of revelry and friendship (she is having computer problems and isn't able to do it herself at this time). We hope that many of our friends in Depedale, Owl's Nest, Sol Haven, and South Downs, as well as from farther afield, will be able to come.

The event will be at 3770 Charlie Lane, Douglasville, GA 30135 from 9am to 6pm. There will be a barbeque pot-luck. Her Ladyship is providing an entree; I'm bringing dessert - sides welcome but by no means required. You all know we love to host our friends. Do bring your own drinks and drinking vessels, however. :)

In service,
Baroness Sibella
Seneschale, Talmere