[GLE] Troll Fen’s Swamp Romp

Now that the Ram Throne is secure once again, the members of Troll Fen are turning their attention to Swamp Romp. The last weekend in January we’ll be gathering at Chicot State Park, north of Ville Platte, LA.  

Lots of fighting, both heavy and rapier, lots of classes, and lots of heraldry!  Yes, the theme will be heraldry and heraldic display.  We’ll be looking for best display of heraldry on the fighting field / pavilion / garb, A&S entries will be best use of heraldry, list tree shields will be used for the tourneys, class ideas include heraldic display in clothing, heraldry when your persona’s culture didn’t use heraldry, how to design banners, etc.
We’ll have a wonderful feast by Lady Bridget, and the Conroi will be serving the fundraiser lunch. 

If you’re interested in teaching a heraldic display class at Swamp Romp, please let me know.
Judith_of_Troll_Fen AT yahoo DOT com