Knighting of Ely of Silver Oak

It is our pleasure to announce, under Royal Decree from Ronan and Clare, Their Royal Majesties of the Kingdom of Artemisia, that Ely of Silver Oak will be elevated into the Order of Chivalry. This most special occasion calls for great celebration!

There is no finer place for revelry and celebration among the tallest of trees and the fields of green, than in the far Northern Corner of Artemisia, in the Shire of Crystal Crags, at the home of Ely of Silver Oak.

Yes! We are planning Tourneys and Melees of various formats, taking place for the enjoyment and participation of all persons attending (including non-combatants)! The entertaining scenarios and tournament logistics will be led by Sir Dahoud, so bring your armor and come prepared for a fun day of fighting!

The evening begins with a Wok-A-Thon feast, no less than a Stir-Fry-Frenzy, and a pit-fire roasted goat! Feast will begin buffet style at 6pm, and will continue throughout the evening. Many amazing dishes will be initially provided by the feast stewards (Sir Ibrahim, Sir Dahoud, and Lady Moire). They will then encourage everyone to test their culinary tastes (with guidance of course) to create your own wok-fried dish, and keep the wok-fires burning all night long. All raw ingredients will be provided, as well as all necessary kitchen and cooking equipment. No need to bring feast gear: plates and eating utensils will be provided.

Feast: Adults $10; Ages 5-15 $6; Under 5 free. Please bring your favorite beverage to add to the bar and share with all. The site is extremely wet? using period containers of course. RSVP for Feast is REQUIRED: contact Event Steward.

There will be a break in the festivities at twilight when Ely will be called to answer Their Majesties. Following the ceremony, we invite you to gather at firelight for songs, stories, feasting, and celebration around the 10-foot bonfire; the night will be ours to enjoy!

Site Fee: Donation of your choice suggested at the gate. Site opens for setup at 4pm Friday, 10/21/11, breakdown ends Sunday, 10/23/11 at 3pm. Above-ground fire pits will be allowed as long as there is either water or a fire extinguisher nearby. Camping space is available. NO PETS.

Lodging: We are currently negotiating with local hotels for discount rates. Details will be posted as soon as possible. Limited crash space is available both on and off-site. Contact the Event Steward for more information.

Directions from the South: Take your best route to Kalispell, MT. At the junction of Highway 35, keep going East to the junction of Highway 35 and Highway 206, (look for Woody's Truck Stop on the left). Go North on Highway 206 for 7 miles. Turn left (West) on Trap Road. Look for signs. The Site is ? file down a private drive (Florence Acres Way). You will see the sign to turn right to the parking area and the entrance gate.

Due to the hurried nature of this celebration, this event cannot be published in the Kingdom Newsletter and is NOT an Official SCA event, but will be held in customary SCA style.

Please spread the word about this glorious event. All are welcome, but please RSVP.

Event Steward: HL Brynjolf Fjalgeirsson, (DON'T FORGET: RSVP for Feast to
Co-Steward: Argyle Culpepper
Feast Stewards: Lady Moire O'Lestlobain, brothers Ibrahim and Dahoud
Fight Steward: Dahoud