[DRA] 12th Night Coronation 2012

As the seasons turn, so do the bearers of the Black Dragon Crowns. Come witness the coronation of the next King and Queen of Drachenwald, in the splendor of 14th century halls, in the heart of a medieval town! The lord Baron and lady Baroness of Knights Crossing welcome all and sundry, be they peer, nobleman or commoner.

Event Stewards:
Judith de Northumbria (judith at aol com) and Konrad von Lewenstein (thomas.hellinger at zeitboten de)

Head Cook:
Lady Mechthild Quarttermart, dorit.hellinger at zeitboten de

Anna Syveken (syveken at yahoo de)

Is the gorgeous 14th c. city hall of Miltenberg, which has been restored to its 14th c. look, but with amenities such as central heating and an ultra-professional modern kitchen. The site is 100% handicapped accessible, with elevators, handicapped bathrooms and ramps. For pictures of the town and the site, see: http://www.stadt-miltenberg.de/

Site opens: Friday, January 6, 2012, 18:00,
Site closes: Sunday, January 8, 2012, at noon.
Site address: Altes Rathaus, Hauptstraße 137, 63897 Miltenberg

Tentative – to be finalized by the Crown and Heirs!

18:00 Site opens
19:00 Traveler’s fare (stew and bread)

Brunch: until 16:00
11:00 Final Court
12:00 coronation court
13:00 lunch
18:00 Feast
20:30 Ball/Revelry

Vacate site by noon, sharp. No exceptions.

Meals include dinner Friday, brunch and feast Saturday, and a breakfast of leftovers Sunday.

Lady Alyna Morgan will be coordinating classes. Contact her at fabrikjunky at gmail com,

We have cheap beds available for 28 EUR per bed for the weekend in the neo-gothic Schullandheim Miltenberg, Burgweg 58, 63897 Miltenberg that is a five minute walk from the Rathaus. This will be assigned on a first-paid, first served basis. There is limited crash space in the halls of the Rathaus (in some areas people will have to completely clear their bedding away during the day Saturday). Bring own bedding. Please note when reserving whether you would like a bed or crash space, or neither.

Address of the Schullandheim: Schullandheim Miltenberg, Burgweg 58, 63897 Miltenberg
Otherwise, Miltenberg is a charming little medieval town with numerous reasonably priced inns (reasonable = 30-90 EUR for a double room per night), several of which are located on the same street as the Rathaus, such as the Mildenburg Hotel. Contact Lady Judith if you need assistance making arrangements.


SCA Members (with card):
Adult Weekend: 35 EUR
14-17 Weekend: 30 EUR
Child 7-13: 7 EUR
Under 7 free

Adult daytrip: 30 EUR
14-17 daytrip: 25 EUR
Child 7-13: 7 EUR
Under 7 free

Family cap: 90 EUR
Non-member surcharge: 5 EUR per person above 17
Beds: 28 EUR for the weekend