New aviculture article site unveiled by Known World Aviculturists Guild founder

Lady Biya Fujin unveiled a new aviculture resource section on her web site.  The new "articles" section of Lady Biya Fujin's web site now features articles on a wide range of topics, mostly focused on medieval aviculture, presented for the first time as standard webtext.

The first article to appear on this new section of the site is "Avian Adventures: The Known World Aviculturists' Guild Comes to Aethelmearc." In this article, Lady Biya introduces the history of the guild and aviculture study in the society while analysing guild membership patterns and issues confronting the study of medieval aviculture in society.  It is designed to familarize gentles with both the guild and its area of focus:  medieval aviculture.

Lady Biya recently moved from the East Kingdom, where she spent the past 11 years of her 21 years playing in society to the Barony of St. Swithin's Bog, Aethelmearc in western Pennsylvania.

It is the hope of the KWAG that articles presented as standard webtext will reach a broader audience than previous research work presentations have done in the past.