[CAL] Mongol Invasion

The Mongols are coming, the Mongols are coming. Join the shire of Oakheart for a fun filled day of fighting, riding, shooting, and feasting Mongolian style.

Site: 5499 State Hwy JJ, Morrisville, MO 65710

Site opens at 5:00pm Friday Oct 14th
Site closes at noon on Sunday Oct 16th

Member fees $6.00         nonmember fees $5.00
Children 5-15 $5.00        Children under 5 are free
Make Checks payable to: SCA, Inc Shire of Oakheart

Fighter authorizations will start at 8:30 with a single elimination novice tournament starting at 10:00
A double elimination tournament will follow the novice tournament.
The first round of the tournament will be restricted to two weapons.
Melees will be fought after the tournament

An archery tournament will be held with arrows flying at 10:00

Equestrian activities:  A Mongolian themed challenge involving sheep, swords, sheep, a banner, sheep, and other sorts of Mongolian things!  Did I say sheep?  There will also be a competition involving something that no Mongolian horse is seen without, the Mongolian Neck Tassel!  What is this?  A strap made of leather, or other material, that is worn loosely around the horse’s throatlatch with a big tassel hanging at the bottom of it!  Prizes?!?  Why furs of course!  What is a Mongol without their furs going into winter?  A cold Mongolian!

There are a couple of cabins in the equestrian area with a limited number of beds available.  Please contact Rhiannon at Rhiannonocm@yahoo.com to reserve a bed.  The cabins are extremely primitive with open air screened windows, but they are a roof that you don’t have to pack up when you leave.

Proof of negative Coggins (for all horses) and Health certificates (for out of state horses only) will need to be shown to the MIC of Equestrian activities before off loading the horses.  Please have a photocopy of same to provide to MIC.  Thanks!

Questions?  Rhiannon email at Rhiannonocm@yahoo.com

Equestrian directions: Use the same directions to get to site but if coming from the north you will take the next road after the site entrance. If coming from the south the entrance will only be 4 miles not 4.1. There will be a sign that says equestrian entrance. Once you take the road marked equestrian entrance go 1.1 miles and veer right. Then go 0.6 miles and the entrance will be on the right

A&S Competition will be Mongolian in any medium

There will be an Inn available through the day

For Feast the theme is bring your own meat the shire will provide side dishes and a large grill. So bring your own meat, cook it how you want it, and socialize with your friends.

Directions to site:

From the North
Take your best route to MO-13
Turn right on MO-215 go 7.8 miles
Turn left on Hwy JJ go 0.9 miles camp is on the right

From the South
Take your best route to MO-13
Turn left on Hwy BB go 4.5 miles
Then take another right to stay on Hwy BB go 0.8 miles
Turn left to stay on Hwy BB go 3.7 miles
Turn right onto Hwy JJ and go 4.1 miles

Camp is in the left

Taiji Bataciqkhan-nu Ko’un Ashir
Email: ashir_baatarsaikhan@yahoo.com