The cook's nightmare

SCA members are known for being amazingly adaptive in the worst of situations, but when the most unexpected happens with the kitchen, the situation can test the abilities of even the most skilled.

Mistress Iasmin de Cordoba of the Midrealm shares a recent story from Procrastinators Brawl on the More Than Just Food blog.

Mistress Iasmin writes:

As a group, we food researchers live and breathe the dishes we’re going to serve to the dinner guests attending. We pour our hearts and souls into making the dining experience memorable, enjoyable, and fun. Once everything is out the kitchen door, we follow the same path that authors do when publishing their novels: we thank anyone and everyone that may have had a hand in helping birth the virtual baby we’ve created. The feast I recently cooked on October 1st for the Procrastinators Brawl is no exception to this. But because of everything that happened, you deserve at least a portion of the story.

Mistress, My hats off to


My hats off to you.  Your story about the feast was amazing.  This is what the Society is all about.

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