[CAL] Sanguis Heroum

The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire has declared a festival, celebrating the the pageantry and glory of the great Empire of Old! Join the Shire-March of the Grimfells as we host this weekend of feasting, games, competitions, and fun!

The Event is October 21-23, 2011 at Camp Noark in scenic Hunstville, AR.

Camping is available and encouraged!

For the Fighters, in the morning we will have a Ludus, a pairs melee novice competition. In the style of the Gladiator training schools, an experienced fighter will draw the name of a new recruit..., have minutes to train him, and then will fight beside him against another such team!  Each round brings new pairings!  In the afternoon, teams shall compete in an arena game long played in these lands.

For the Artisans, we have a Roman Costuming competition, with prizes for populace choice, and documented judging. We will also have a general entry populace choice A&S competition. All entries are welcome, documentation is encouraged but not mandatory.

For the Children, we have fun activities, allowing them to build replica Roman Armor and Helmets, Make a Legionary Standard, and Participate in a Children's Olympiad.

For the Archers, a set of fun shoots and range time will occur, with camaraderie and prizes to be won.

For the Hungry, we shall have a Roman tasting table Friday night for those weary from the road, a pancake breakfast, a lunch Soup Taverna, and in the evening, a fabulous feast of Lamb and Chicken, soup, salad, breads, and sides, finished by desert.

A Triumphe shall herald in to court our winners, and after the feast, there will be much revelry and mirth with a bonfire and bardic circle worthy of a Saturnalia!

Come join us as we celebrate the glorious past, and make memories to remember!

Site Opens 5pm Fri., Closes Noon Sun.

Take I-540 to US-412 East for 20 miles, take AR 23 (look for MANY, LARGE signs).

Questions may be directed to the Autocrat, Sir Marcus de la Forest at marcusdlf@gmail.com