[WES] Michaelmas

The winds have changed, the harvest has come. Join us on Saturday, October 8, 2011 as we celebrate the changing of the seasons with a feast in the style of Medieval Russia. This is an event focused around the joys of period cooking, and all helpers of any skill level are encouraged to join in the fun of the kitchen.

At her Excellency’s request, there will be a Baroness’ Champion Tourney open to all fighters who wish to vie for this Honor. There will also be the rapier tourney for the Commander of the Cavaliers (this is the tourney that was postponed from Captaincy).
Here is the menu for our feast:
      Mongolian Borsch

Zakuski (Appetizers):
      Marinated Mushrooms
      Salat iz Ogurtsov so Smetanoy (Cucumbers in Sour Cream)
      Turshi (Armenian Mixed Pickled Vegetables)
      Other Tasty Tidbits at the Cooks' Whims

First Course:
      Salmon with Lemon-Dill Sauce
      Byzantine Green Peas

Second Course:
      Lihakääryleet (Prune-Stuffed Pork Rolls)
      Zapekanka iz Grechnevoy Kashi s Gribami (Kasha & Wild Mushroom Casserole)
      Sabzi Piez (Carrots with Cumin Seeds)

Third Course (dessert!)
      Medivnik (Honey Cake)
      Blinchiki with Yablochnaya Nachinka (Blintzes with Apple Filling)
      Koorabie (Butter Cookies)

There will be gluten-free versions available for any applicable dishes. Please contact the head cook (kparrish@mosquitonet.com) so she can make sure there is enough. If there are any other allergies or concerns, contact as well. In addition, menus with complete ingredient lists will be available to all at the event.

Event site is St. Jude’s Episcopal Church at 3408 Laurance Road and will open at 10 am and will close at 10pm with an optional Bardic available to follow after site clean-up. Due to a request from the site owners, Site is DRY.

Event fee is $10 for members($15 for non-members) $40 cap for families; ages 12 and under are free. Checks should be made to SCA Inc - Winter's Gate.

Directions from Fairbanks: Travel down the Richardson Hwy from Fairbanks towards North Pole. Take the Laurance Rd exit to the right. Follow Laurance Rd about ½ mile and watch for the signs for the church on the right. 

Autocrat is Margery Garret motherchaos@gci.net. Please contact her with any questions or concerns regarding site and schedule. All food queries go to Lady Ellisif at kparrish@mosquitonet.com

Tentative schedule:

10am site opens

10:30am Rapier list opens
11am Rapier armor inspections
11:30am Rapier tourney begins

1pm Heavy list opens
1:30pm heavy armor inspections
2pm Heavy tourney starts

Dinner is scheduled for 6pm

Court to follow dinner