[EAS] Winter Nights

The Winter Nights come early in Iceland. Join us to mark the eve of winter, with a day of bardic entertainment in the long hall of Pierre the Gothi (Pierre, Baron Concordia).

The long hall will be open for guests at 10am. At 11am we will begin a day of performance and very relaxed bardic competition in the bardic ox-hide tourney. If you wish to test your mettle against bards of the kingdom and the known world, the ox-hide awaits you. If you wish to simply raise your voice for the joy of performing and to please the bench-companions of the hall, the ox-hide awaits you. Those who wish to compete will be matched in head to head performances with other bards throughout the day and a panel of judges will determine which was more proficient and more moving. Performers will be matched in the experience groupings of Novice, Intermediate or Advanced.

After a break for dinner, there will be a bardic circle around the fire.

At the end of the evening, His Excellency will announce his selection of Baron's Bard for the coming year.

There will be a hearty day board served from noon to 3:00 (or until the food runs out).

A break from 4-7:00 will be scheduled for dinner.  No feast served, tables available if you bring your own, many restaurants in the area.

Baronial Bardic Champions to start directly at 7:00.

Site Opens: 10:00 a.m.
Site Closes: 10:00 p.m.

Event Location   
St. Michael's Episcopal Church
49 Killean Park
Albany, NY  12205


From the East:
Take I-90 West.  Take exit B1 to merge onto I-90 West towards Albany.  Take exit 1N towards I-87/Montreal/Saratoga.  Merge onto I-87N.  Continue on local directions below.

From the West:
Take I-90 East towards Albany.  Take exit 1N towards I-87/Montreal/Saratoga.  Merge onto I-87N.  Continue on local directions below.

From the North:
Take I-87 South to exit 2W.  Continue on local directions below.

From the South:
Take I-87N towards Albany.  Take exit 24 to merge onto I-87N/I-90E towards Montreal.  Take exit 1N to merge onto I-87N towards Montreal.  Continue on local directions below.

Local Directions:  Take exit 2W off of I-87 to merge onto Central
Avenue/NY5 towards Schenectady.  Turn right onto Killean Park.  St.
Michael's is on the right on its own side street.  There is some parking in fornot and more on the side streets.
Event Fees   
Site : Advance and At the Door site fee is $11.00 for adults.  Advance and At the Door site fee for teens 6-17 is $7.00.  Children under 6 are free.  The $5.00 non-membership surcharge applies in addition to the site fee

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc., Barony Concordia of the Snows
Contact Information   
Event Steward:
Mistress Lylie of Penhill, MKA Brenda Janetsky,

Send Reservations to:
Mail to the Clerk of Reservations, Lady Louise LaMotte

Other Contact Information:
Day board by Judy le Alefondere 12:00 - 3:00 For nutritional questions, please contact Lady Judy at lealefondere@yahoo.com