[ATE] Dragon's Horde

The Barony of Tir Ysgithr is in need of your help! The Dragon has sent an emissary and his threat is dire. He plans to attack our scientists and artisans at the upcoming Science Exposition.

We call upon all fighters for help to defeat his minions. Rumor has it that the White Dragon is leading the invaders to our glorious Barony and he is bringing with him the Red and Green Dragons, along with some horrible monsters. Tournaments will be held, virgins and picnic baskets auctioned, and so much more!

Saturday will have the Dragon battles, come prepared to fight these fearsome monsters. Their Majesties have also announced their intention to hold a Pelican circle after opening court and a Knight’s circle after the battles for the day are finished. Saturday evening will be the vigil for Thomas d’Revel as he contemplates elevation to the Knighthood.

The traditional Saturday auction has also been changed. There will be no silent auction this year. Instead, there will be an auctioneer hosted “Basket Auction.” Two types of baskets will be offered to the highest bidders, Lunch baskets and Gift baskets. Lunch baskets should consist of a basket of delicious foodstuff of any theme, and gift baskets should consist of a basket of useful or marvelous items suitable for giving to a friend or neighbor. All donated baskets will be auctioned off to the populace to help support our marvelous barony.

New this year is an Exposition of Scientific Invention, to be held during the day on Saturday. This is a display only event for all alchemists, artisans, and aspiring scientists within our Kingdom. There will be a Laurel’s Prize and a Populace Choice prize. If you have ever wanted to try your hand at all the marvelous scientific inventions that developed during the middle ages, now is your chance. The best way to fight mythical creatures is with Science! Did you know that automatons, batteries, plumbing, hot & cold running water, flushing toilets, plastic surgery, astronomical computers, and steam power and so much more were all invented before 1600? Find your favorite, build it, and bring it to ward off the dragons and show off to your fellow inventors. While documentation is encouraged, this is a non-judged expo and only a 3x5 card with the following information is requested; what is it? When was it used/made in the Middle Ages? Who used it and for what? If you intend to enter, please send an e-mail to Hanim Ari at (small.angry.muses@gmail.com) with your intention to display by October 1st. Please include how much table space you will need and if you are able to provide a table. We will do our best to provide tent space for your display.

Sunday will find the monsters invading our Barony. These are 5 man team battles. Come with a “monster team” or come on your own and challenge the monsters. For the Rapier fighters, the Kraken appears to be back with a vengeance come have fun and fight it off.

We will drive these beasts from our lands!!

Where: Himmel Park, 1000 N Tucson Blvd, Tucson AZ

Site opens at 9am and closes at 5pm both days.

Site fee is $3 for adult members, $1 for children 5 –17, and free for children under 5. There is a $5
non-member surcharge.