[DRA] Yule Ball

Flintheath once again lifts the spirits with its great festival of Yule Ball where with light and flames and celebration we will banish the seasonal cold and darkness.

Our annual winter gathering will see out the old and ring in the new with fun and frolics, dancing and merriment and much imbibing and indulgence. To first warm up the blood, activities will commence with Rapier and Armoured combat and there will be classes throughout the day. For the enthusiastic or the eager but unlearned, there will be dance classes in the afternoon in preparation for the traditional Ball that will follow the evening Feast.

This year, in keeping with our heraldry and name, we follow the theme of fire and rejuvenation and invite participants to wear or perform or teach broadly along this theme, be it garments or accessories in the colour of flames, a song celebrating rebirth or a class on renaissance crafts.

Since it will also be the season of giving and receiving gifts, we ask all attendees to bring with them a small gift to exchange. This could be something you have bought, or something you have made. We aim for no-one to leave the event empty-handed.

Bidwell Centre
IP24 1LZ

Accommodation consists of crash space only, (mats are available) and there are showers on site. The site is wet and naked flames are allowed only in the main Hall.  No pets are allowed.

Make your best way to the A11. Continue until you reach the second roundabout for Thetford signposted A134. Take the A134 North towards Kings Lynn. The centre will be on the second road on the left. It is sign posted “Guide and Scout site”. Go under the railway bridge (CLEARENCE IS LESS THAN 8 FEET) and take the left fork of the access track as indicated by the Bidwell sign.

Site will open at 4pm on Friday 2nd December and close at 1pm on Sunday 4th December.

Friday night to Sunday (including all meals) = £24
Day-tripping (Saturday only) (including lunch and feast) = £12
Children under 6 = £Free
Meals consist of Traveller’s Fare on Friday evening, breakfast, lunch and Feast on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.

If you would like to volunteer to do any job (feast servers, clean-up crew, etc), or most especially if you are a musician and would like to play during the evening ball, please also make yourself known to the Event Steward.

Please contact the Reservations Steward – Lady Agatha of Norwich, on key.ellis@virginmedia.com with the following information:

SCA Name
Legal Name
Confirmation you are bringing a donation
Any collections/lifts required
Any dietary requirements

We would appreciate it, if those attending from ID, would pay in advance at any event convenient between now and November 20th. This will confirm accommodation. Those coming from outside the Principality, would need to forward confirmation of travel to secure crash space.


Event Steward:
Ursula Sturlasdatter
Email: clancyanddeb.fairchild@sky.com

Reservations Steward:
Lady Agatha of Norwich
Email: key.ellis@ntlworld.com

Feast Cook:
Lady Solange de le Fortresse
Email: sarahshuss@yahoo.com

Clancy Fairchild of Ulster

A&S Co-ordinator:
Lady Jahanara Vivana