[GLE] Knight's Academy - Dragoun's Weal

Knight’s Academy is October 14 - 16, 2011 at Woodmen of the World, Hattiesburg , MS 39401. Join the Shire of Dragoun’s Weal for discussions of chivalric virtues, classes, and fighting – Lots and Lots of Fighting.

We will have classes on the following subjects:  Pattern Making -  THL Olrun (Rendy), Chirugeon Interest and Water Bearing  - Mistress Brigit, and Making Your Kit Authentic and Functional for SCA Combat - Order of the Aries.
Many knights will be on hand to help fighters with their fighting skills in a tournament organized by Sir Aengus MacOwen and Sir Brian MacBrand.
We will have a feast prepared by Lady Kendra Dey.  Afterwards, we will have a Fancy Dress (costume) party for kids of all ages.
Did I mention we would have fighting?
Baroness Isabella D'Arques

Find your favorite way to I-59, 5 miles N of Hattiesburg, MS, exit #73 Monroe Rd

    from I-59 North – last gas exit #80 Moselle
    from I-59 South –last gas / hotel exit #67B Hattiesburg/Jackson

Turn East 100 yards to the T intersection; turn South (right) and parallel the interstate for 2.25 mi.  Speed limit is <45; site is just past the globe lights on the fence to the left. The Woodmen Camp is on the RIGHT; the driveway touches the far side of the bridge. Watch for SCA signs!!