"History of the Order of the Pelican" remembered

In 1989, Hilary of Serendip of the West Kingdom compiled an extensive history of the Order of the Pelican entitled Brief and Informal History of the Order of the Pelican. The history has been posted on the West Kingdom History website.

The history chronicles the correspondence regarding the creation of the Order with occasional commentary. For example, Maythen Gervaise writes:

"Just a note.  When William of Hoghton gave out the first western Pelican, there were no official tokens, so he gave a plain ring about 2” in diameter.  I guess since knight’s chains were swag lamp chains, a curtain ring was the obvious choice for the new award.  Of course, being a complete circle must have opened the door to a lot of philosophical interpretations.  I think we still have one in a box of mementos."