[LOC] One House Divided: A Tale Of Two Cities

You are invited to the palace of the Doge of Venice to witness the end of a long standing dispute between the widow Sammicheli of Venice and Fortunato of Florence. As it is an Italian feast of 1585, expect intrigue, plotting, bloodshed, poisonings, mayhem and murder. As well as lots of good food.

*Event Details*
Event Date :   19/11/2011
Group Hosting Event :   Innilgard
Event Name :   One House Divided: A Tale Of Two Cities
Event Type :   Feast
Event Time :   6.30pm
Event Site :   North Adelaide Community Centre 176 Tynte St, North Adelaide SA 5001 AU

*Steward Details*
Steward SCA Name :   Aylwin Greymane
Stewards email :viscount99@optusnet.com.au

*Booking Details*
Booking cost for members :   $18 - $22
Booking cost for non-members :   $22 or $24
Booking cost for children :   under 10 half price, under 5 free
Cheques payable to :   SCA Innilgard
Bookings required :   Yes
Booking deadline :   13/11/2011
Booking contact (SCA name) :   Aylwin Greymane

*Other Details*
Payment with booking please.  Specify any food allergy at the same time.