[OUT] Heraldic Tourney and Heraldry Consultations

October 2nd, Sunday at al-Barran's Fighter Practice Heraldic Tourney and Heraldry Consultations

It's the first Sunday of the month so the Scorpion Pursuviant's office will be out with the Baronial Heralds Library to help those interested in name and device submissions.

To get everyone in the Heraldry mood there will also be a Heraldic Tourney for the midday festivities.
List opens at 11am for both heavy and light tourney.

So gussy up your armor, alter your garb, and warm up your voice! We are looking for an outstanding display of heraldry in each area.

Those who have heraldry items bring them out to the park and let us show the local what Pageantry in the Park really looks like!!