2011 Baron's Howe photos and video online

Eirik Anderson of the Kingdom of Ealdormere reports that he has posted an album of photos from the recent Baron's Howe event. In addition, Eirik has published several videos from the event. The photos and video are available on his website.

The large album of photos includes lots of shots of armored combat, Court, and some beautiful portraits. Baron's Howe is an "annual event held at Finnvarr and Ragni's farm Ravenhill, in Bonfield, ON."

Lord Eirik writes:

My particular favorite video is one of the woods battle - Sir Finnvarr  and I have a close call as Nigel fends off his attackers and spins  backwards. I get pretty close to his spear... close enough to hear it wooooooooooosh past me (the perils of woods battle photography!).

Videos include:

  • Woods Battle Close Call

The videos of Mordain's Rings are below.

  • Part 1 - Sir Siegfried explains the rules to Mordain's Rings.
  • Part 2 - The first Rings battle.
  • Part 3 - The second Rings battle.