[DRA] Stairway to Heaven

You find yourself looking through an art anthology or wandering through a museum. Here is wonderful documentation for your new purse, a gorgeous picture of a gentleman making shoes and... a guy on a grill? Who is he? And why is there a cute dragon at that lady's feet? And.. oh my, why does that man have his head under his arm? We will answer these questions and more at Stairway to Heaven.

This event focuses on the saints, their stories, and why they were so very important during everyday life in medieval Europe. Spend the day with us learning about all things saintly. Finally understand the references in the Canterbury Tales! Feel smart when giving tours of Gothic cathedrals! Classes will be offered, and more are welcome. We will end the evening with the ever popular game of "Saint Charades," so bring your best outfit for martyrdom!

Reservations should be sent to jodiebirdman@hotmail.com. Please include your name, SCA name (if you have one), whether you would like to teach a class and any food allergies or restrictions you may have. Payment in advance is recommended as attendance is limited to twenty-five people and a paid reservation is a secure reservation.

Shire of the Two Seas

Event Steward: Nadiana Stjarnulf mka Jodie Birdman: Jodiebirdman@hotmail.com

Street address of the site: Löwenstraße 29A 20251 Hamburg. The site is inside a historical bunker in central Hamburg. For those interested, a short tour of the bunker is also possible.

Date of the event: 26th of November 2011
Starting/stopping time of the event 10:00 – 23:00
Payment information: SCA members: €12

Non-SCA: €14

Meals provided: Lunch and a heavenly feast
This is a one day event, crash space can be arranged on request.

Travel information The site is located centrally in Hamburg and easily reachable by public transportation. Please contact us if you’d like more information.

Reservation deadlines: Please let us know by November 19th

Restrictions: Maximum 25 people, please note that the site is a single room and not ideal for small children or pets.

Site is indiscreetly wet; saintly libations welcome.

Contact information for other event staff: Cook: Giano Balestriere, mka Volker Bach