[ANS] War of Ages: 1429

Join us on November 11-13, 2011 for what is sure to be another epic event brought to you by your friends in Ffynnon Gath and Seawinds!

For a year now rumors have spread far and wide throughout the kingdom of a girl from Domremy' who has heard voices from Heaven. But is it God that speaks to her or the devil? Many have witnessed her fervent declarations that it is God's will that the English be swept out to sea and that the King of France will heed her call and bring war to the usurpers in Orleans and elsewhere throughout his rightful kingdom. But there is no King? Is this further proof that she, this girl who adamantly claims a direct link to Heaven, should be locked away for her madness? Or does her vision raise hope in a people that have known nothing but madness for so long?

Be prepared to march as you are called upon. Will you join her in her crusade? Or will you see her as the devil spawn that should be slain for her heresy? 

There will, once again, be some very unique heavy and rapier melee scenarios.  This year's principals are:

  • His Excellency Baron Philippe Le Chanceux of Bjornsborg is the Dauphin' of France.  You can contact him at tetaggart70@yahoo.com
  • Lord Georges le Breton will lead the English army in the siege, and eventual defense of, Orleans'.  You can contact him at georgeslebreton@yahoo.com

***There will be a very special A&S competition - unlike any other competition our kingdom has seen. 

Yours in Service,
Robert de Bray, CSSA
Co-autocrat War of Ages: 1429