[ART] Iron Balls: The Masked Ball Edition

There are tales of warriors of old whose great deeds were done in the cold. Martyrs are they of a time that called to the bold. We call you good friends out this October night. We, dear friends, will reminisce in their stories and their snowy plight.

Moreover, it will be early this year to avoid it crossing with the family day of thanks. We look to a day donned October the 8th to liven your step in a grand ball that is masked. For our dear shire does hold true its task. For our arts and the science of making things that are great. We ask you dear friend to make a mask and participate. Merriment and fun for all does wait. How much do you say, to get through this magical gate?

Tis but a fee of $6 dollars and but $3 for the smalls or $15 for the family to join us in the hall.  My dear friends how remiss would we be without a warm meal that is worthy of thee. For adults the feast will $10 be, for smalls $5 a nominal fee.

Remember good Gentles of Artemisia this is our A and S competition in which we would ask you all compete. This year's entry will be your mask. There will be a mask making fundraiser at the ball, and the ever-popular silent auction.

Lady Ealusaid inghean Lughaidh lady_ofdance@hotmail.com

Yum-Yum maker: (Feast-O-Viking) Lord Svein inn frodi svein_the_wise@hotmail.com

Please contact your Yum-Yum maker for dietary restrictions.

So tell me, you say, how might I find my way? The question dear friend is from where you stead, from there dear friend this direction do head.

To our cousins from the north should travel to the south on I-84 E/US-20 E/US-26 E/U.S. 30 E Continue to follow I-84 E for 118 mi. Then make haste and Take exit 173 to merge onto US-93 S toward Twin Falls for 5.8 mi. For those that don't know Turn right onto US-93 S/3900 North Rd/Addison Ave Continue to follow US-93 S for 5.9 mi. Then Continue onto U.S. 30 W another 1.4 mi. You roll into town (Filer) Turn right onto N 2250 E/Fair Ave/Fairgrounds Rd Continue to follow N 2250 E/Fair Ave
0.4 mi. Turn left onto Main St Destination will be on the right 0.2 mi.

And cousin from the south should stay Slight left to stay on I-15 N and continue straight onto I-84 W (signs for Boise) Entering Idaho for 135 mi. Then take you the exit 182 for State Route 50 toward Kimberly/Twin Falls on for 0.4 mi. Oft to the left onto ID-50 S/S 1150 E/State Route 50 S Continue to follow ID-50 S/State Route 50 S on for 4.8 mi.  Continue onto U.S. 30 W for 4.8 mi Turn right onto Ash St only 0.1 mi then take the 1st left onto 2nd Ave E another 1.3 mi.  Turn left onto U.S. 30 W for 6.4 mi and turn right onto N 2250 E/Fair Ave/Fairgrounds Rd.  Do not stray lest you lose your way, follow N 2250 E/Fair Ave 0.4 mi Turn left onto Main St Destination will be on the right.

This grand destination is the Filer Senior Center 222 Main St. Filer, ID 83328. From 10 am to 10 pm.