[ATL] Chalice of the Sun God

Long did the world suffer under the yoke of Crete. Thanks to Theseus, we no longer must send our sons and daughters as tribute for the vile Minotaur. Join us as we celebrate Theseus' slaying of the beast and decide this year's Chalice Champions.

*Martial Activities: *There will be armored, rapier, youth and target archery tournaments. Competitors shall fight in a Challenger's tourney for the right to best the current Chalice Champions in each discipline and become this year's Chalice Champions. Questions should be directed to: Baroness Marie Therese Normand, MiC at mariatheresapontoon[AT]yahoo.com.

Their Excellencies will also be choosing the Ponte Alto Archery Champion at this time. The current champions will be defending their title, but the Barony will be sending in their own champions in a brave effort to win back the Chalice for Ponte Alto. All are invited to challenge and attempt to win this honor.

*A&S and Performing Competitions:* There will be Chalice competitions in both performing and A&S for the title of Chalice Champions. For questions about A&S competitions contact Bevin an Broc Drannach at moas[AT] pontealto.atlantia.sca.org. Performers should have 2 pieces prepared, one of which shall be in period style documented. The theme of both competitions is the legend of the Minotaur.

*Feast: *A feast for 80 is being prepared by Lord Michael of Ponte Alto. Please direct all dietary concerns to mikeshives69[AT]gmail.com.

*Cost: *

*Adult, Members:*  $12.00 Day Trip, $8.00 Feast
*Adult, Non-members: * $12.00 Day Trip, $8.00 Feast
*Youth, 5-17:* $7.00 Day Trip, $8.00 Feast
*Children, 0-4:* Guest of the Barony
*Make Checks Payable To: *SCA, Inc., Barony of Ponte Alto. Non-members add $5.00.

*Reservations: *Lady Caitilin Irruis inghean ui Riada mentoni[AT]msn.com

*Site: *Loudon County Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Road, Leesburg, VA 20175
Troll opens at 9:00AM and closes at 3:00PM.  The site closes at 10:00PM

*Site restrictions: *No open flames, no alcohol. Dogs not allowed in the main hall. Dogs are welcome in the Barn, but must be leashed and cleaned up after.

*Autocrat*: Baron Br'nainn MacShuibne brenainn.macshuibne[AT]gmail.com


*From Points North, South, and East: *Take your best route to the Dulles Toll Road/Greenway (Rt. 267) off of the Washington Beltway (I-495). Go through the toll booth(s) past Dulles Airport. Merge onto VA-7 W via EXIT 1A on the LEFT toward LEESBURG/WARRENTON. Take Route 9 West exit (stay in left lane of exit). At STOP sign at end of exit, turn left and proceed over bridge that crosses Route 7 (stay in the left lane). Proceed to STOP sign and turn left onto Dry Mill Rd. Travel approximately 1 mile to Fairgrounds entrance on left.

*From Points West of Leesburg: *Take Route 7 East (Harry Byrd Hwy) towards Leesburg, VA. Take Route 9 Exit. At STOP sign at end of exit, turn right and immediately get into the left lane. Proceed to STOP sign and turn left onto Dry Mill Rd. Travel approximately 1 mile to Fairgrounds entrance on left.