Early Renewal of SCA Membership Offers Benefits

Renee Signorotti, Registrar for the Society for Creative Anachronism, has kindly provided SCAtoday.net with additional information about renewal of memberships prior to the end of calendar 2002. There has been much discussion about the changes in membership fees and benefits in the SCA. Many of these changes will not take place until after the beginning of the year 2003. Here are some of the changes and when they will take effect.
  • Memberships renewed before December 31, 2002 will still receive the kingdom newsletter and Tournaments Illuminated at the current cost. Members may renew up to three years in advance. All publications must be ordered for the same term as the membership, however.
  • After January 1, 2003, Tournaments Illuminated will no longer be included in domestic memberships.
  • The cost of membership, $35 for sustaining membership which includes the kingdom newsletter and $20 for Associate membership which includes no publications, will not change. Family membership costs ($10 per person with a maximum of $25) will remain at the current prices also. The family membership continues to require a Sustaining or International membership at the same mailing address.
A non-member surcharge has been added to help defer the rising costs of doing business in the SCA and to encourage non-members to join the Society.

Editor's Note: This is a summary of information received from the SCA corporate offices. For more information, visit the SCA homepage at the link above, or telephone the SCA offices in Milpitas, California. This news item is written by SCAtoday.net staff and is not an official policy statment.