Papers sought for "The Crusades and Visual Culture"

Elizabeth Lapina of Durham University in Great Britain reports that she is seeking papers and proposals for the upcoming publication, The Crusades and Visual Culture. The submission deadline is December 1, 2011.

Elizabeth Lapina writes:

Dear All,

Please find below a CALL FOR PAPERS for the volume "The Crusades and Visual Culture" that I am co-editing with April Morris and Laura Whatley.

We warmly invite you to submit an abstract for an article between 5000 and 10 000 words in length by December 1st 2011. Please note that we would like to have the volume out as quickly as possible, so we will need the articles by September 1st 2012.

With best wishes,

CALL FOR PAPERS: The Crusades and Visual Culture

Essays sought for an edited interdisciplinary volume

Current disciplinary studies on the crusades have explored a number of new modes of approach to the interrelationships between crusading and medieval cultures. The integration of crusading ideology into the general fabric of medieval western society has been explored by numerous scholars in the fields of history and literature. However, a lacuna remains in the explorations of how the themes, ideologies, and concepts of crusading impacted medieval visual culture. The conceptual and theoretical examinations of medieval material culture have produced nuanced, evocative studies in numerous areas, and the same multifaceted approaches have much to offer to explorations of the connections between crusading and the visual arts.

Building upon conference sessions in the U.S. and the U.K., this volume will be a necessary and provocative first step towards the integration of crusading history and the study of medieval visual cultures. Beyond mere iconographic studies, the essays in this volume will investigate artistic representations of crusading and the impact of crusading on the visual culture of the medieval world. They will reflect on the relationship between the study of ideas of crusading and the various media (manuscripts, sculpture, mural paintings, architecture, etc.) in which those ideas were visualized. The essays will cover a broad chronological range, from ca. 1100 to ca. 1500, and will explore the visualization and/or appropriation of crusading themes in both Western and non-Western (Eastern Christian, Muslim or Jewish) works.

Abstracts of no more than 200 words for articles between 5 000 and 10000 words in length should be submitted to Dr Elizabeth Lapina at along with a current CV. Abstracts should be submitted no later than December 1 2011. Please note that we would like to receive the articles by September 1 2012.

We are currently discussing the volume with Palgrave and Ashgate and hope to have the volume in print by late 2013.

The editorial team:
Elizabeth Lapina, Durham University, UK
April Morris, University of Texas at Austin
Laura Whatley, Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University
April Jehan Morris
Department of Art + Art History
University of Texas at Austin