[EAL] Crown Tournament

The Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog proudly invites you to Crown Tournament October 22, 2011

New Hamburg Arena and Community Centre
251 Jacob St (also listed as Jacobs St)
New Hamburg, On   
N3A 1C6

People of Ealdormere once again the time to choose the heirs is upon us. Come one and come all to Bryniau Tywynnog, in the great Barony of Ramshaven to witness the combat that will choose your heirs. This crown tournament determines who shall be our Prince and Princess.

Crown Tournament is one of the most important events within the realm, being as the outcome of this tournament determines the heirs to the realm. Every Ealdormerian should witness the tournament which shapes the destiny of our great realm. Every man woman and child who is loyal to the crown should make every attempt to be present to see who wins the honour of wearing the crown by right of arms. This ancient and wonderful tradition ensures that the crown of Ealdormere is in the hands of a strong and worthy successor. A successor who will stand strong, as strong as Ealdormere herself. A successor who fights for glory and honour. So come out and witness the history of Ealdormere unfolding before us all.

Site fee $13, $5 NMS not included
14 and under $6
5 and under FREE!
Feast $12
KET included

Feast is by PAID pre-reservation ONLY by October 1st, 2011 to a maximum
of 64.
Make cheques payable to: SCA- Bryniau Tywynnog


Autocrat: Erhard Kruger krugerfamily @ rogers. com
Feastocrat: Odette ladyodette @ gmail. com


Take your best route to Hwy 7/8 westbound towards Stratford.  Turn right onto Peel St in New Hamburg. Take the Second right onto Boulee Rd. Go straight through the stop sign at Jacob St. The site will be on the right. The parking lot is smallish. so there will be an unloading zone. After that, please move your car to parking along the arena on Jacob St or to the large lot farther down Boulee.