Amazing 17th century traveling suit at Durán Textiles

In  the past, Durán Textiles has showcased some amazing women's garb in their newsletter. Now it's the man's turn. The latest issue concentrates on an elaborate 17th century embroidered traveling suit worn by King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden, who ruled 1615-1632.

From the September 2011 Durán Textiles Newsletter:

The design GUSTAV is modeled from an embroidered traveling suit worn by King Gustav II Adolf, the Swedish king that ruled 1615-1632, and whose engagement in the thirty year war transformed Sweden into a nation of great military power. The suit consists of a “tröja” (a tight fitting jacket with long sleeves and several small skirts) in violet silk satin, combined with wide puffed breeches and a “kasack” (a cassock - an outer garment buttoned diagonally over the chest, with skirts and hanging sleeves) in violet broadcloth. 

The traveling suit was ordered to be worn by the 25 year old king when he traveled to Kalmar, a port in south eastern Sweden, to meet his becoming queen Maria Eleonora in September 1620. The deliverance was however delayed, and instead the elegant suit was probably used at the ceremonial welcoming of the princess to Stockholm the 25 of November, when the king rode out to meet his bride on the morning of the wedding day.