Major Upgrade to Site

We've upgraded the content management system (CMS) software on in a major way, to bring you new features and functions. There will be more details forthcoming shortly, but for now here are the salient points:
  • The new Event Calendar lets you announce your events to the Known World right here on
  • The weblink directory is finally functional in a meaningful way. Previously, this contained just a few items that were manually added by our staff. Now, it is wide open for contributions from anyone. Weblinks will be moderated just like stories, in that they won't appear on the publicly-viewable pages until approved by one of our editors.
  • New content types include Book Reviews, Recipes, and Songs.
  • We've got Forums! There aren't very many defined yet, but the software to manage them is installed and we will be adding topics shortly.
  • Visitors can use the convenient new News Archives and Article Index features to locate content that has scrolled off the newswire.
  • Stories and weblinks are now cataloged by topic.
  • Everything is interlinked, so that topics for stories are also topics for weblinks. This lets you click around to find related material more easily.

As with any upgrade of this magnitude, we will undoubtedly encounter some technical problems. We ask your patience as we work to resolve any glitches that arise. Some known limitations of the new system, which are already being worked on, include:

  • The syndicated newsfeeds are still working but have changed slightly in format. Please email if you encounter technical problems as a result of the change, and we will try to help you resolve the issue.
  • Stories that were published before the software upgrade may not be fully cataloged by topic. Our editors will be manually cataloging the older stories as time permits, and eventually they will all be indexed.
  • Our search feature is temporarily disabled, but it will return within the next day or two, with additional capabilities.
  • The old links that were on the Directory page before the upgrade haven't yet been added into our new links catalog, but they will be. Partner sites have already been added.

As always, thanks for making your independent source for news from the Current Middle Ages!