Ansteorra event photos online

Caelin on Andrede reports that he has posted several new photo albums, covering events in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, on his Flickr website.

New albums include:

  • A friend's party
  • Red Tape Fighter Practice
  • Dallas Techfest
  • Elfsea Fighter Practice
  • Steppes Artisan

Caelin on Andred writes:

All the usual disclaimers apply. You may use any of these for any non-profit, SCA purpose as long as you credit them to Richard Threlkeld, Caelin on Andrede, or Betsy Marshall (Pyro). You may credit any of them to any of those names (per an agreement between Pyro and me). I will gladly furnish a photographer's release, but you are on your own for models' releases. I don't have time to get them at events and I don't want to intrude with that much paperwork.

Sorry this took so long. I have put in 181 billable hours in 3 weeks at one client (that does not include the caf?, other clients, and the car in the
shop), so something had to give. Also broke my lens (reached for something and the camera slipped off my shoulder). So the lens is in the shop and I
bought a Nikor 50mm f/1.8 on sale as a backup. Nice lens, but getting used to not having a zoom to frame pictures is interesting. Close ups mean
getting close up to the subject!

In Service,

Caelin on Andrede