SCA in Iraq and the Middle East

With deployments of soldiers who are SCA members to Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, Drachenwald hopes to form branches for them in the region.

Thousands of soldiers are coming to Iraq as part of the Global War on Terror; among them are dozens of SCA members from around the world. Drachenwald Chatelain THL Sovany Barcsi Janos feels that they should not lose touch with the SCA while they are deployed. In that light, he is prepared to form "contingency branches" throughout the Middle East to accomodate SCA members arriving as a part of, or is support of, coalition forces, regardless of their home kingdom or nationality.

While it can be difficult, if not impossible, for people to gather together for events and similar activities, there is no reason that branches cannot form for Arts and Sciences meetings or just to stay in touch with each other. In addition, some areas are already holding, or are about to hold, fighter practices -- interested in a fighter practice at the 2600 year old ruins of Babylon? What about the 4200 year old city of Ur? Both are inside coalition "safe areas", where such a meeting could take place.

Currently, SCA members are spread across the breadth and width of Iraq, and are periodically in Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. Anyone in those areas trying to get in touch with other SCA members or interested in forming a branch, should contact THL Janos at chatelain(at)

In addition to those areas affected by the war, there is also an incipient shire in Israel, a stronghold in Turkey, and a shire currently forming in Egypt. Anyone who lives in this area or who will be there for an extended visit, should contact Janos for details.