[ANS] Championships of Bryn Gwlad

Baron Phelim and Baroness Myfanwy cordially invite you to witness and participate in trials at arms for the titled Championships of Bryn Gwlad held at their mighty holdings in Castleton 23-25 September, 2011

It has been said by Our Cousins Bjornsborg that balmy France is the best place in Creation, excepting only Fair Ansteorra.  We, of course, are inclined to favor the great Isle of Albion.  We propose a contest: all and sundry are invited to celebrate and vie for wealth and fame under Our Arms and the arms of either the Lion or the Fleur de Lys to resolve this fine point.  ~ TE Phelim and Myfanwy

v  Lend wise and violent council on the issue of England vs. France.  Declare your deeds for one or the other.

v  Take share in the bounty of Bryn Gwlad: prizes include an arming pavilion, poniards, armor, games, spices, scrolls, fletching, leather stuffs, silks, wasters, shields, bucklers, sword hangers, rare woods, sweets, precious stones, camp furniture, beads, perfumes, soaps, tools, and custom commissioned works for shoes, belts, and clothing.  Oak and iron coffers groan at the weight of Our generosity.   We encourage you to bring an extra cart and horse.

v  13 tourneys! : Cut & Thrust, target archery, a Barrier, melees, fencing, the Arts, & more

v  Prize and Championship tournaments on Sunday morning

v  Their Excellencies, in honor of Their Cousins Bjornsborg, have commissioned a play for the populace at 8 of the clock on Saturday.

On being Our Champions:

v   We require your presence in Our court.  To be named a champion of *any* of the tournaments, you must be present at Sunday’s court.  We would present accolades and prizes upon those in each tournament in person as a sign of their service.

v   Those who win one of the Chivalric tournaments on Friday or Saturday are allowed to enter the Chivalric Champion Tournament on Sunday morning.

v   Those who win one of the Rapier tournaments they are allowed to enter the Rapier Champion Tournament on Sunday morning.

v   If a winner of one of Our earlier tournaments is unable to enter the Champion Tournament, they are allowed to name a second to take their place.

v   If someone wins more than one of Our earlier tournaments, they are allowed to name a second to take their place for a Champion Tournament on Sunday morning.

v   As a matter of Grace and Goodwill, We give our Cousins Philippe and Suzanne, Bjornsborg, the right to name someone to enter either of the Champion Tournaments at Their pleasure.

v   Those who win one of the non-Champion tournaments- A&S, Cut & Thrust, or Archery- may name someone to enter one of the Champion Tournaments if they so choose.

v   Our current champions will not be the incoming champion, but they may name someone to enter their respective tournament to showcase.

v   If at this time we do not have 8 entrants per tournament, we will allow those present to name an entrant to either of the tournaments still needing one. It is Our intent to have this based on precedence of those present. If you arrive after your precedence was skipped over, your choice is forfeit to Their Majesties and Highnesses desires.

v   Once the list is completed to 8, we will then have a single elimination single bout tournament.

Event Steward: Sir Dieterich Kempenich von Eltz seoseaweed@gmail.com
Feast: Signora Honorata Sabina Taddea Bonnadonna Cherieweed@suddenlink.net

Fees: Site- $10, Children- $7 Family Max- $30.  Feast- $10.  NMS fee $5
Make checks payable to the sponsoring group: SCA INC, Barony of Bryn Gwlad

Friday- Site opens at 3p.m.
Evening Barrier Tournament- 10 blows

Opening Court at 9
Arts Tourney starts at 10- Theme is England or France.
Archery Range opens at 10
Chivalric and Rapier tournaments- Contestants MUST fight more than one form
Nobles Lunch
Bridge Battle Melee and Hill Battle
Equestrian Games- Tentatively 4-6
French/English team shooting from 4-6
Feast – Choose either English or French style.  Menu upon request to HL Sabina.
Play at 8 p.m. SHARP.
Cut & Thrust –immediately after the play

Dawn Shoot for the Championship 8:30 a.m.
Chivalric, Equestrian, and Rapier Championship Tourneys
Closing Court, Awards and Prizes at 10:30 on Site closes at 2 p.m. Sunday.

    Take your best route to the intersection of Hwy 360 and FM 2222 in Austin.
    Go west (away from Austin) on FM 2222/Bull Creek Road.
    Drive ~0.6 miles; turn left at the first light, City Park Road.
    Drive ~0.9 miles; turn left onto Bridge Point Parkway.
    Drive ~0.3 miles to the dead end; turn right onto Coldwater Canyon.
    Drive ~0.3 miles to circle; continue down gravel road for ~0.4 miles to the event site. NOTE: The road to the site is unimproved in parts and steep throughout. For your safety, please drive slowly and heed the directions of the traffic crew.  Address is: 7400 Coldwater Canyon Austin, TX

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. They may also attend with a 21 year or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents.  Pets must be leashed and under owner control at all times.  Horses must have proof of current Negative Coggins test.