[GLE] Slay the Dragon 2011

Once again the shire of Vogelburg cries for its defenders. Save our humble Shire and stop the dreaded dragon TROGDOR from destroying us all. 

Warriors sharpen your weapons to slay this mighty foe, artesians bring your best art and sooth the foul beast.  Bards sing your sweet melodies to enchant him and lay him to sleep.

Three tourneys will be held.  Friday night we will have the hatchling tournament open to anyone that has never won a tournament.  Saturday morning we will hold a dragon pit for anyone that can with stand the might of Trogdor and a Shire Defender Tournament will be held in the afternoon.  A fund raiser lunch will be held by the Shire of Blackwood.  We will also have an open A&S as well as Bardic competitions.  Please also bring your appetites feast will be prepared by THL Meadhbh of the Galloglach.

Lord Titus Lupinus

THL Meadhbh of the Galloglach

Adult: Cabin with Feast $25.00
Child: (6-17) Cabin with Feast $21.00
Adult Daytrip: with Feast $15.00
Child Daytrip: with Feast $11.00
Age 5 and under without bed or feast are Free!

Additional Beds are $5.00. Subtract $7.00 if no feast.  Get your reservations in early we have 100 feast spaces and the site sleeps 48.  In accordance to Kingdom Law, no family shall pay a site fee higher than 3 adult members, not including Feast or bed.  You can contact the state park about tenting within the park, not at the group camp.  All non-members will pay an extra $5.00. Refund request deadline is December 31, 2011.  Troll opens at 5pm Friday.  Site closes Sunday at 10am.

Make Checks payable to "SCA. Inc, Shire of Vogelburg"

Lunch: There will be a fundraiser lunch
Service animals only.

Lake Bistineau State Park
Group Site #2
318-745-3503 or 888-677-2478.

For reservations at the park not associated with the event, call 1-877-CAMP-N-LA (877-226-7652) toll free. They have cabins, tenting, and RV/camper pads available within the park.

From I-20 West take the Haughton Exit # 33 to LA 157 S, turn left at LA 3227 E, then a right at LA 164 E, another right at LA 163 S/Pearl Harbor Ave and turn left at State Park Rd. From Minden I -20 take LA 371 south to Sibley, LA 164 west to Doyline, and LA 163 south to the park.

Park gate closes at 10pm: For those who will be arriving after 10pm, please contact one of the Event Stewards after 5pm on the 23th for the gate code.