Michael S. Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, dead at 64

Michael S. Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg and inventor of the e-book, has died. His vision of seeing all literature made available for all people has revolutionized the way SCAdians and other amateur researchers gain access to data.

Project Gutenberg is one of the Internet's oldest literary projects. It has long been a source for SCAdians to access medieval literature such as The Canterbury Tales and the Decameron. Project Gutenberg's descendants, Google Books, the Internet Archive and more recently, full color digitization of medieval manuscripts at libraries and universities, has led to an accessibility of primary and secondary research material that was previously restricted to a lucky few with access to academic facilities.

Michael S. Hart arguably created the first e-book in 1971 when he typed in the U.S. Declaration of Independence on a computer and distributed it over a computer network.