Warbands 2004 Photos Online

Raphe Cuthbert of West Dragonshire has posted photos from the Warbands 2004 event held recently in Insulae Draconis.

The Shire of Harpelstane in Edzell, Scotland, was the site of Warbands X held June 4-6, 2004. Raphe Cuthbert shares photos, which may be viewed by clicking on the header above or the links below.


Lord Raphe asks that those who wish to copy photos for their own use contact him at raphec@DOC2PROD.DEMON.CO.UK

Wish this *were* in Ealdormere

Wish this *were* in Ealdormere (what a lovely site!), but unfortunately the classification of this article is incorrect. Insulae Draconis is in Drachenwald.

Doh! You're right! Thanks

Doh! You're right!

Thanks for the correction; I've fixed the story. Ealdormere and Drachenwald are next to each other in the topic list (being adjacent alphabetically), and it was a misclick of the mouse.