[NOR] Novices, Neophytes, and Knaves

Novices, Neophytes & Knaves – 10*

(*The Binary Edition)

A collegium for those new to an area of study, or for those new to the SCA

 10-01-11 from 9am to 7pm-ish

In Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Hosted by the Shire of Turm an dem See

 Arts, Sciences, Cooking, Sewing, Illumination, Calligraphy, Government, Embroidery, Music, History, Fighting & More.

All classes will assume the student has no prior knowledge or skill in the specific subject; some classes will presume preliminary abilities. There will be educational opportunities for all. Come, share and learn.

 Event Steward & Class Coordinator: THL Druscilla Galbraith lady.druscilla@gmail.com

 Co-event Steward: Lady Aoife Óran Bran

 Head Cooks: Lady Julianna deLeon & Lady Nikea deLeon

See event web site for further details and site fees.