[ATL] Siege of Glengary XVI

Word has been carried in the wind. Atlantia will once again lay siege to the Shire of Sylvan Glen on September 23th – 25th, 2011 for the Silver Apple.

There is lots of room and NO merchant fees..

Come join us!!! Just send a note along with your pre-reg and we will have the space you request set aside and ready for you. :-)

Lady Margarita de’ Siena
E-mail: joy1teacher@yahoo.com

Lord Angellino the Bookmaker

Jefferson County Fairgrounds, 2007 Old Leetown Pike, Kearneysville, WV 25430 Jeffersoncountyfair wv.org   (for directions and maps) 

Site opens on September 23th 3pm and closes: September 25th at 12pm.

*There is no camping fee and there is lots of camping space available!
* Please note there are no on-site showers.

Site Fees Pre-registration Adult – $10, Children 6-17- $5, children 5 and under are guests of the shire. Family Cap-$35.
At the door: Adult – $12, Children (6-17) $7 Children 5 and under are guests of the shire. Family Cap -$38.

FEAST:   (for 50 seats)       $8 per-person- 5 and under are free.
We will also have a Children’s feast for children 6-10 for $5 per child with  5 and under free- Their menu is chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, veggies, cookie and a drink  (This is a Pre- reg ONLY feast.)

Pre-registration is Strongly Suggested for ALL feast do to the limited number of seats this year! Checks should be made payable to “SCA, INC.-Shire of Sylvan Glen *Note a $5 surcharge is added to all non-members and NOT included in the family cap. Reservationists: THL Marija Kotok, mamalynxx@gmail. com

We are excited to have a  few battles with siege engines.
http://marshal.aethelmearc.org/policy/siege.html for the rules and regulations

Our AE MIC for Siege Engines is   Morien
E-mail-   svandevander@hotmail.com

Siege of Glengary the Faith and Fury Art and Sciences of the Crusades Completion.
Be a Crusader for Arts and Sciences. Shall ye be called by to display your skills for those of the populace, to enjoy. Take up the challenge!  Your goal will be to show that the time of the Crusades was not only one of war and battle.  Let the beauty, talent, and skill of the era ring forth for all to see.

At Siege of Glengary September 24th we call you to bring your arts, your sciences and your brewing and stand up for all artisans young and old.

There shall be three competitions this year, Adult Arts and Sciences, Youth Arts and Science and Brewing. Each competition will have a populace choices and a judged winner.  Documentation is encouraged but not required. Extra points will be awarded for those entries that can show ties to the Crusades or other religions of the period. There will be door prizes for Both populace. Choice competitions.

9 am to 11 am Entries to be submitted for all levels
11 am to 3 pm populace. choice voting for arts and sciences.
3 pm to 4 pm area closed for judging of Brewing, Arts and Sciences.
4 pm- (approx 45 min before feast) populace. choice brewing.

Arts and Sciences judged and populace. Choice will be announced at Court, Door prize for arts and sciences populace choice will be drawn at court, the corresponding ticket must be present to win.

Brewing Judges Choice will be announced at Court However the populace choice and Door prize will be announced at the door near the feast area approx 15 minutes before feast, again ticket must be present to win.

Lady Margarita de’ Siena
E-mail-   joy1teacher@yahoo.com

Brewing Competition:
Both a populous and judged brewing competition will be held on Saturday 25th in the Main Hall at right before feast. We look forward to this display of talents and tasty goodness.

All tasters will be carded and given a voting ticket.